Fresh Mountain Air

In a sheltered valley high above Tignes and Val d’Isère, a suprise awaits.

La Folie Douce…….

Here, a mix of loud music, singers, scantily dressed dancers and aerial performers provide an incongruous, but highly enjoyable, contrast to the backdrop of the wild mountain scenery. La Folie Douce…….

And after a bit of contemplation, ski home!

8 thoughts on “Fresh Mountain Air

    1. Frank, it looks like your comments have Sylvie’s email as the sender. I’ve amended your comments to show you as the sender. Hopefully it’ll be correct next time! R


  1. I think all the previous comments capture our thoughts….given how suspicious society is these days did you, for instance, ask for permission before taking the picture of the man’s ‘top-not’?
    Good to hear from you again and look forward to the next bulletin…best wishes Frank


    1. Frank, Aware as I am of your desire to keep solicitors in full employment, I did of course take steps to obtain a waiver of rights (in triplicate, just in case) from all of the 365 people present. However, after 2 steps towards them in my ski boots, I decided to enjoy the sun instead!
      (written in anticipation of your note, at 11h30 on 01.01.17)


  2. Hmmmm … some interesting photography! … you always manage to capture the unusual shots! …. just hope your concentration wasn’t affected on your ski home :} looks amazing x

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