A Taste of Barcelona

Amy flew out to Barcelona and we spent 3 days seeing some of the sights. A risk of visual overload – a wonderful experience. So just some pictures and a few captions!

Gaudi’s masterpiece, and lifetime work, the Sagrada Familia, is just breathtaking. Apart from the dramatic overall impression, the level of detail is astonishing and an entire day looking for, and finding, that detail would not be wasted. Under construction since the 1880s, completion is not scheduled until 2026. Although I’m not sure the cathedral would look complete without the towering cranes that have become so much part of its character. Gaudi might not agree! 

Elsewhere in the city, more unique buildings can be found on the corners of busy squares. Gaudi’s Casa Milà and Casa Batiló compete for attention with other architects creations from the same period. The resulting Illa de la Discordia (Catalan for “Bone of Contention”), known as such because of the wild and discordant styles in adjacent properties. 

The light at this time of year is beautiful. 

The harbour has quite a different feel to the busy centre – and good food!

While the motorhome parking is certainly not picturesque, it does come with some excellent wall art and is only a few minutes from the metro. Dogs are allowed on the metro but, much to Bobby’s disgust, only if they’re in disguise!  

On our final day, a short drive on the way to the airport, down the coast to Sitges, showed a completely different aspect of Spain. Hot sun, nice beach, good restaurants and a bar to prop up. What more could you want? 

Thanks, Amy, for a great weekend. A seasoned motorhomer now! 

Site Info: CityStop is a gated parking area not far from the centre of the city, and just a 5 min walk to the Metro. It’s not pretty and is quite expensive, but perfect for a city visit. €35/night, inc water, drain, cassette empty and electricity. Located on Rambla de Guipúscoa, GPS 41.4244, 02.20753. Park4Night. 

5 thoughts on “A Taste of Barcelona

  1. Hi Richard….your collection of pictures really conveys your expression of ‘overload’ and I loved the composite pics; but poor Bobby he looked so sad!
    I see from your pic that your usual short hair is beginning to flow. Is this because you can’t be bothered to cut it or the ‘new traveler’ look?
    Best wishes as always & thanks for all the news


    1. It was actually a bit of both! However, after daughter & daughter’s friend’s comments, I cut it this morning! So no longer is there even a vague suggestion of “flowing”! Glad you like the pics. Barcelona was tiring and didn’t do the knees any good, but I’d like to return.
      All the best, Richard (from up a mountain by the snow 😀)


    1. Gaudi’s Blue house must look wonderful sparkling in the sun. Bobby was very good as we used the metro quite a bit over 2 days. The guards do check though!


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