A late sunrise

There’s something thrilling about being able to wake up, pop out of the van to see the sun rising, palely and quite late, because of the low haze. 

It more than makes up for the odd day stuck in a puddle! 

Near Sant Pere Pescador, Spain.  

5 thoughts on “A late sunrise

  1. Great to see where your journey takes you and Bobby Richard …. I was in Sella end of January just after they had had those storms … rocks and boulders had blocked many roads up in the hills and mountains … but exceptionally beautiful scenary! Look forward to the next installments x


  2. Enjoyed a holiday 10 years ago near Argeles, and even walked up the nearby mountain to the TV aerial on the French/Spanish border. A fantastic view from the top too. Thanks for sharing the pictures.


  3. Beautiful picture – early morning; best part of the day Allen!
    really appreciate the maps Richard its so interesting to see where you are and your progress
    Safe journeying to you both


  4. It does look beautiful but some of us are allergic to the early morning !! It is on my wish list though.


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