That’s Better!

Just into Spain, parked at a beach (Platje de Garbet) and sitting in the warm 17° sun! 😊… and it’s still only February.

5 thoughts on “That’s Better!

  1. Hi Richard
    Sylivie’s comment on seeing your lakeside predicament was ‘I hope he’s got his swimming trunks’!
    Glad to hear there is such excellent emergency services
    Enjoy your say on the Spanish beach and thanks for the ‘Me and Bobby’ continued blog
    PS your tag ‘Me and Bobby’ reminded me as soon as I read it of the song ‘Me and BobbyMcgee’ – is that where you took it from?
    ATB F&S


  2. The perfect place to dry out and you don’t now have to worry about getting all that salt off the underside, the only good thing about flood water.
    I assume you and Bobby have finished skiing or are you going back to those mountains?
    Hold onto that weather as I’m on my way next Friday and I’m seeking sun not rain and snow.

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    1. Going up to Tignes for the snow again, after meeting Amy in Barcelona. Does this mean I have to search for another flood when I leave the mountains? May make do with a car wash or a spell of really wet weather on a motorway!


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