An Interesting Day

I had found a signed motorhome parking area at Saint-Cyprien. The parking area is easy to access, not far from the beach, but the weather was terrible; pouring rain, wind.The parking was a bit muddy but I found a dry hardstanding on which to park with a good run, slightly down, to get out!

HOWEVER… by the time the morning came, after a night of torrential rain, I found I was now at the far side of a newly formed lake! 

After waiting a hour or so for the water to recede, which, it soon became apparent, wasn’t going to happen, and with yet more rain forcast, I was just starting to call the insurance recovery service when the local Police Municipale arrived. I guess someone had reported a marooned Camping-car! They stayed for 2 hours while I tried to move, and when that proved impossible, assisted by calling the local recovery truck. A really friendly and helpful service from the Police Municipale. No damage done, so headed off down the coast looking for somewhere nice and high to stop for the night!

Site Info: Parking with no services at Bocal del Tec, Elne. GPS 42.5963, 3.03827. Circle marks my parking spot. P4N. 

2 thoughts on “An Interesting Day

  1. I bet you didn’t pack your wellies for occasions like this ?
    Did you try out your chains as I’m assured they do work in mud and water ?
    What a nice little earner for the police and recovery agents.
    Well that’s what it’s all about, another day and another experience.
    So “Stay high and stay dry”.

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  2. Hi Richard,

    You were looking for adventure but not this type I am sure. What a great service the Police Municipal gave you. I thought you were trying to escape the Welsh Rain!!!

    Enjoying reading your blog. Take care.

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