Soustons and the wild Atlantic coast

The beach adjacent to the aire at Soustans is astonishing in its size. Pounded by the Atlantic swell – although the sea is relatively calm at the moment – this beach, of fine white sand, stretches all the way from Biarritz, just south of here, to the Dune de Pilat at Arcachon which, apart from the occasional river outlet, is a non-stop stretch of over 100km!

While the aire and resort are next to a peaceful lake providing excellent walking and cycling. Busy in the summer, but certainly not in January, and with the sun out and the temperature at 18°, there seemed to be no good reason not to stay! 

Aire de camping-car, Soustons Plage. €13 per night (€8 hors saison) which includes water, waste disposal and electricity. Plenty of space in January but can be very busy in the high season. 

2 thoughts on “Soustons and the wild Atlantic coast

  1. Wow, that really looks amazing , I want to be there!!
    We stayed down near Biarritz when kai was 18 months old and the waves we experienced scared him for years. Think he’s only just over it!!
    Enjoy that sun, there’s none here 😎


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